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Can you repair the Creo or Kodak Laser heads?

We can repair all kind of Heidelberg Head / Creo Head /Kodak Head TH 1.0 , TH 1.7 , TH2.0 , TH2.5 , TH 2.7 and TH 3.0

How can I order?

It's really simple, please send us an email to

ramtinas@yahoo.com  or  info@laser-repairing.com

Call us via WhatsApp to  +98-912-125-7444  or  +49-1578-8692-157

Send massage via WhatsApp to  +98-912-125-7444  or  +49-1578-8692-157

How Long is Warranty time?

Your warranty period is valid for 180 days which begins of the date shipped. Extra time warranty is possible by negotiation.

Do you accept refund or return?

If there is a faulty from our side, of course it's possible and all the payment is refundable.

Can you send a part worldwide?

We have too much customer around the world and it's possible for us to do it.

We replace the laser diode with new one also change other Parts inside then fully calibration for best result and expose the plate for all test ,Then you get a fully refurbished Laser head with 6 month warranty.

As a company we invest in training and continuous improvement to ensure all our engineers have up-to-date product knowledge.

For more information about Ramin Digital lithography or the services and products we provide, please do not hesitate to Contact us.

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